Gladstone Validation Package

Gladstone Validation Package (GVP)

The Gladstone Validation Package (GVP) offers extensive validation and testing technologies to enhance the validation process always required during data conversions.

Gladstone looks at a data conversion, not as an ETL procedure, but as an EATVL procedure. That is “Extract,” “Analyze,” “Transform,” “Validate,” and “Load.” There may not always be an “Extract” and/or “Load” function, but there should always be a need to “Analyze”, “Transform”, and “Validate” data.

Quite often the “Analyze” and “Validate” phases receive less than the needed attention. Gladstone has always been quite prominent in the “Analyze” and “Transform” arenas, but has now greatly enhanced its “Validation” features and functions. Previously, Gladstone has provided the “PROVE” report and balancing reports, etc., but now with the introduction of the Gladstone Validation Package (GVP), the user can easily validate any or all data elements.