Gladstone DataMap™

Gladstone DataMap™ is a Windows-based product that greatly facilitates the data mapping process. It is a user-friendly tool that allows fields from one or more source files to be mapped to fields in the target file. This generates the actual data move specifications.

Gladstone DataMap™ provides business and functional analysts an intuitive, graphical tool to prepare data mapping specifications without being tied to a host-connected terminal, using pencil and paper, using a spreadsheet approach, or using a free-form word processing product. It provides the analyst the capability of simply selecting the desired source data elements in a drag-and-drop scenario. This standardized approach saves tremendous amounts of time.

After the data mapping process is completed, the specifications are sent to the Gladstone Conversion Package on the platform where the actual conversion is to take place. In addition to using these specifications to build the conversion program set, the specifications can also be printed out to document the details of the conversion for auditing and validation purposes.