Data tells a story. You won't find a better data conversion tool than this!

Gladstone develops and markets a software tool set for data analysis and data conversions. Gladstone guarantees its software will save time and money, while increasing accuracy and efficiency.




Gladstone Analysis Package is a subset of Gladstone Conversion Package. We have unbundled the data analysis and report writing components of GCP and created this separate product offering at the request of clients.

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Gladstone Date Package identifies 130 recognizable date formats in an efficient and complete method and provides 100% validation that all date fields have been found and converted.

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Gladstone Conversion Package is our flagship software product and covers the gamut of capabilities needed for data analysis and data conversion projects. The software brings automation to a conversion process by generating custom conversion programs on-site.

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Gladstone Validation Package offers extensive validation and testing technologies to meet and exceed data conversion requirements.  GVP equips a user to easily validate any/all data elements.

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Gladstone DataMap™ facilitates the data mapping process. It is a user-friendly tool that allows fields from one or more source files to be mapped to fields in the target field, generating the actual data move specifications.

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Meta Data Plus

Meta Data Plus expands on Gladstone's data integrity process with the premise that we will learn as much about the data as possible using automated programs.

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Who we are:

Gladstone is a privately held software company that develops and markets data analysis and conversion software. The company was founded in 1963 by Walter Ehrhardt, formerly a programmer and senior analyst for IBM, who named the company after his hometown in Missouri. Gladstone originally specialized in software for the communications industry.

In 1971, Gladstone began performing data conversions and writing data conversion software. Larry Ehrhardt joined his brother in 1980 bringing several years of software development experience. Together they developed a conversion methodology and a suite of programs to perform systematic data integrity assessments to automate the data conversion process.

Over the past forty-five years, Gladstone has established itself as a leader in the data conversion arena, and its suite of data conversion tools has been used in several of the world's largest corporations. Gladstone markets its conversion software as the Gladstone Conversion Package (GCP). Businesses who are updating or changing application software, switching hardware, building data warehouse and data marts, or auditing data content seek the professional expertise of Gladstone by licensing the software.


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